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Transportation of cargo

Delivery of cargoes by road transport today is a pretty popular service. This method of movement of goods gives certain advantages. For example, a high level of agility, the ability to use individual schemes of delivery, a wide variety of routes. Shipping Option teams of machines suitable for those who need to carry goods of small volume. In this case, to order a separate transport simply unprofitable. We are ready to make a commitment for the delivery of your cargo, weighing 1 kg or even less.

Precast load – is the type of cargo to be able to transport large teams of parties, parties in turn completed by the piece or pieces of packaging volumes. Cargo delivery – this is one of the main services of our company. In that case, if you need to transfer a small HVD cargos, we lower the cost of delivery, by loading your and other small HVD cargos in case if they are to be delivered by the same route. Cargo delivery allows you to reduce the price, postage small HVD cargos, however, for the carriage of medium- and large-sized cargoes cost is not as beneficial in this case often used the opportunity to free transport. In our company, this service is quite democratic cost.


Delivery Manager

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