Our equipment

Our company is composed of a fleet of vehicles for transportation to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Baltic countries, CIS countries. DiaPolTrans Company has in its fleet of more than 15 units of trucks. As part of the fleet of trucks DAF and MAN with tented trailers Koegel, Schmitz.
Experienced drivers control the time of delivery of goods, providing control over their safety and integrity.
Rolling meet modern requirements, has a high performance and meets environmental standards EURO 3 – EURO 5. By choosing us, you will help to protect the environment.
The availability of modern means of communication and allow the full computerization constantly have operational information about vehicle movement, and the presence of their own repair shops avoids the problem of idle equipment in the event of breakdowns.

GPS-monitoring of transport:

GPS-monitoring of transport

Below are the settings (volume, length, height, width) of our vehicles and trailers:

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