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International transport of goods

All vehicles are equipped with GPS systems and mobile phones that allows you to track the location of trains online and providing timely information at every stage of cargo transportation. Driving staff has many years of experience in international transportation. Along with the drivers-professionals with more than 30 years of experience in international transportation of goods, are trained successfully and begin to work independently young drivers.

In our staff we have assembled highly advanced specialists in international transport. All our drivers are trained and have diplomas international drivers. We are constantly improving the professional skills of our staff and drivers and improve their business – processes, which allows us to provide service of the highest quality.
high-technology management is entrusted to professional drivers with experience in the international transport of goods is not less than 5 years

Road transport – this is one of the most common types of transportation. In this case, the goods delivered to the recipient without any additional handling operations, it not only speeds up the delivery process, but also reduces the possibility of damage to the cargo. At the same time, due to these advantages, Shop has a better cost. With our vehicle fleet, our company carries out transportation of any complexity, we carry a variety of loads: teams, overall and not overall and so on. Automobile cargo transportation have the following advantages compared with other types of transportation:
You can create custom routes and deliver the goods to the customer’s doorstep.
The cost of such delivery is lower than air and sea transport.
Delivery speed higher than certain maritime and railroads.
In general, often trucking, the most optimal way of cargo delivery.


Delivery Manager

Phone: +375 (165) 67-20-20
Mob.: +375 (29) 627-77-99, +375 (33) 627-77-99
E-mail: diapoltrans_paa@mail.ru
Skype: diapoltrans_paa

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